I dont know about you ladies, but finding good workout gear is a hard task. There are just SO many boxes that they need to tick.

  • Not see-through
  • stretchy but not TOO stretchy
  • Pockets?
  • Supportive enough
  • Comfortable enough
  • For me… Long enough (those 5’8 LONG legs..)

Generally I am a size 12 or a M/L in most brands. Seriously I could go on and on. For me there are 3 real standout brands and each for different reasons.

  1. Cleo Harper Activewear
    There are a lot of reasons to love this brand. One of my big ones is that they are local to me here on the Gold Coast in Australia. They are made from really high quality material so I find it really comfortable. But the number 1 thing I LOVE about this brand as the cool shapes that they make all their sports bra’s! Now for all you curvy gals with a small waist like me, a lot of leggings will fit our thick thighs but be a little big around the top, am I right? I have found that with Cleo Harper’s leggings, they are made with this tight part around the waist that makes it fit perfectly so it doesnt move around.
  2. Lorna Jane Activewear
    I know what you’re thinking… This is an obvious choice but that’s because it is TRIED and TESTED. My Lorna Jane stuff always lasts me so long without falling apart. Good shapes to choose from, good prints and constantly releasing new stuff.